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Tuesday Bird Droppings

BALTIMORE, MD - JULY 24: WIETERS SMASH.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
BALTIMORE, MD - JULY 24: WIETERS SMASH. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Dempsey's Army Presents: Last Week in Chats - Camden Depot
Heath reads chats so you don't have to.

The Progression of Jonathan Schoop’s Swing: Mechanically - Orioles Nation
"This article will break down the improvements in Schoop’s swing & approach at the plate and you will get an understanding of his ability to be a dual threat hitter down the road."

Statue being built to honor Brooks Robinson - ABC2
A statue of Brooks Robinson will be unveiled outside Camden Yards around October 22, the same time of year that Brooks Robinson won the World Series MVP award.

Orioles sinking again in Baltimore - Toronto Sun
"For Toronto, it’s too premature to say those investments have paid off but there are signs throughout the system that pitching help is very much on the way. Tangible proof of that may be two or three years away. For the Orioles, not so much."

Tigers Among Four Persuing Koji Uehara - Motor City Bengals
"While Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski remains publicly committed to finding a starting pitcher on the trade market, acquiring a guy like Uehara would clearly be an upgrade to a suspect middle-relief corps in Detroit. The Tigers are adding rookie Chance Ruffin to the club today, but he’s just another in a growing list of untested right handers that have had their auditions with the Tigers this year. Maybe Ruffin will hold down the fort, maybe not, but Uehara’s addition would certainly still be a clear upgrade."

A-Z Orioles: Mike Boddicker - Birds Watcher
"Hall-of-Famer Rod Carew referred to his pitching repertoire as 'Little League slop' and as 'worse garbage than the stuff I take out at night.' In order to make up for his lack of power, he used his off-speed pitches and deception."