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Some Nolan Reimold stats

Now, these are small sample size, but it's not Nolan's fault. He never gets to play! Wouldn't you all like to see if he could keep it up with regular playing time? I know I would. Buck Showalter, it appears, would not. Reimold had a double and a home run last night, against a righty even, but tonight he's back on the bench while Felix Pie gets the start in left. 

Nolan Reimold has a .474 slugging percentage. That's equal to Mark Reynolds, who leads the team with 21 home runs, and behind just J.J. Hardy and Adam Jones for regulars on the team. 

Nolan Reimold has a .339 OBP. That's also equal to Mark Reynolds, and the highest mark among regular starters. 

Nolan Reimold has wOBA of .350. That's higher than Matt Wieters and Nick Markakis

Nolan Reimold has hit six home runs in 112 plate appearances. Vladimir Guerrero has seven home runs in 335 plate appearances. 

Despite the fact that Guerrero has been terrible, Pie has been worse, and Luke Scott is injured and shut down for the rest of the season, Reimold is still not getting to play every day. Tonight Pie is playing in left field despite the fact that a good lefty is on the mound and if you think it's bad watching Pie play in general, watching him against lefties is simply awful. 

Unless Reimold is hurt, and if he were I'd imagine we would have heard by now, this is insanity. What is going on? And why haven't any members of the Orioles press gone to Showalter and pressed him on this issue? What is his strategy? What is the goal of sitting a guy who has done nothing but hit when he's in the lineup for a guy who has looked lost in every facet of the game this season?

It's like they want me to hate them.