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Game 100: Orioles (41-58) @ Blue Jays (51-52), 7:07pm

What you gonna do is what you wanna do, just break the rule then you see the truth, this is the theme of "G" coming through, baby
What you gonna do is what you wanna do, just break the rule then you see the truth, this is the theme of "G" coming through, baby

The Blue Jays traded so many dudes since last night's game, it'll almost be like the Orioles are facing an entirely different team. Although for all that, the newly-acquired Colby Rasmus isn't in the starting lineup, which I can only assume is due to the fact that he may not arrive in Toronto in time for the first pitch. So, functionally there are just different guys in the bullpen and they didn't trade any of the guys we saw last night. Maybe it's not like facing an entirely different team after all.

They will be facing a different starter, but that's par for the course. This is baseball, after all. Up tonight is Ricky Romero. He's kind of good this year, and he's left-handed, so that means our starting left-fielder is... wait, what? Are you f***ing kidding me? Nolan Reimold hits a double and a home run against a RHP, and the next day against a lefty he's on the bench?

Did Buck watch Corey Patterson in left field last night and think, "By golly, I need a left fielder who can fall down fielding a routine single that bounces right in front of him"? Or maybe, "I need a left fielder who's going to be almost entirely, if not entirely useless at the plate"? Because if that's what he said to himself, then I guess it makes sense that Felix Pie is starting tonight. No, wait, that still wouldn't make any sense. I can't fathom any reason for it. We're long past the point where it's ridiculous that Pie is getting any playing time over Nolan. Toronto traded away their incompetent left fielder. The O's are playing theirs tonight so one of their best right-handed hitters can ride the pine against a LHP.

I keep the faith, Orioles. I'm here blogging about your 13 seasons below .500 butts night in and night out when everyone I know in the real world has checked out of baseball for the year and is talking about how they can't believe Todd Heap and Derrick Mason were cut from the Ravens. Is this really how you're going to do me? Can we at least have Buck pretend that he wants to field the best possible team? Or if Buck really believes he's fielding the best possible team, CAN SOMEBODY WITH JUICE PLEASE DISABUSE HIM OF THIS MISGUIDED (AND INCREASINGLY INFURIATING) NOTION? Thank you.

Starting for the Orioles is Alfredo Simon, and he'll be looking to continue his miracle run of starts. That's been two starts, by the way, but two good starts out of him classifies as a miracle. Three would be like, even more of a miracle. Simon has given up four earned runs in 13.2 IP in his two starts. It's your time to shine, Simon. Break the unbreakable! Touch the untouchable! ROW! ROW! FIGHT THE POWER!