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Friday Bird Droppings

Orioles Insider: Bauer's deal with Arizona is solid development for Orioles -
"There have been no recent developments in the quest to sign fourth-overall selection, Dylan Bundy, before the Aug.15 deadline to sign 2011 draft picks, but the Arizona Diamondbacks certainly didn’t hurt the Orioles’ cause earlier this week. The Diamondbacks agreed to terms with right-handed pitcher Trevor Bauer, the third overall selection, on a four-year contract worth a guaranteed $.4.45 million. The Major League deal could be worth as much as $6.95 million if Bauer, the former UCLA Bruin, makes it to the big leagues at the start of next season, and stays with the club. What does this mean for the Orioles and Bundy?"

Heath Bintliff: There's little defense for these Orioles - MASN
"The Orioles are playing at right about the level they usually do in late July, jockeying for position for one of the top three picks in the amateur draft for 2012 and basically filling the role of American League doormats. The fans are pointing fingers at the pitching staff - rightly so since they are dead last in ERA among American League teams, and it's not really close. Some also point fingers at an anemic offense which, while not as abysmal as the pitching, is slightly below league average in run production and has underachieved in 2011. But I'm here to tell you that it's even worse than all this because the defense has been pretty awful as well."

O's rally against anti-gay bullying | |
"The effort is commendable, although the irony will be glaring as long as there remains no openly gay athletes playing major league baseball, football, basketball or hockey."

Daniel Moroz: The bases are loaded, but nobody's coming home - MASN
"When I asked people on Twitter what they thought "pulling an Orioles" meant, every O's fan with an actual response said stranding runners. Does the reality match up with these perceptions though? (Some of the answers: "loading the bases with 0 outs and getting 0 runs at the end of the inning," "stranding runners" and "stranding FOUR guys on base, It's THAT bad." At least the team has made a name for themselves in one area.)"

What the Orioles could get at the deadline for Derrek Lee | Baltimore Sports Report
"Just like Vlad Guerrero, Lee will probably be traded come August once he clears waivers. There is a small chance that he could be dealt by this Sunday still. But it is a small chance. It is almost impossible to tell exactly what the Orioles will get for Lee, because they will only get mid level prospects. They will not get an impact player, they will not get a player with big league experience, and they will not get any names that any of you have ever heard of. "