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Camdencast Episode 8 - Organizational Inconsistencies

Andrew and I recorded another podcast last night, trying to hold to the new plan of shorter but more frequent podcasts. I ran into some technical difficulties with SBN in getting everything posted before now. The bonus is you now get two podcasts for the price of one, since I had to split the podcast in two as a result of those issues.

Part I is about 18 minutes long, and you can listen to it here.

Part II is about 19 minutes long and you can find that one right here.

If you were subscribed to us on iTunes you could have gotten automatic updates to this podcast without any hassle! Or, if you use some other means of acquiring podcasts you can also subscribe to our XML feed for the podcast with this link.

Part I breaks down roughly like this:

0:00-8:00        Colby Rasmus trade and why Jays GM is a wizard

8:00-14:00      The Orioles at the trade deadline

14:00-18:51    Platoon splits

Part II breaks down roughly like this:


0:00-7:15       Other organizational inconsistencies

7:15-19:54     Young pitching put to the test vs. Yankees, plus some Yankees hatred flows


Thank you all for the feedback, as always. We will be back again, hopefully with fewer technical issues and sooner than you think.