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Yankees 17, Orioles 3: It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Dying

So, that happened.

Zach Britton was supposed to go down to Bowie to "work on some stuff" and it turns that he seems to have learned how to shave a 1/3 of an inning off of his record for earliest departure from a game. The defense was also awful (again) and the offense showed no life against Ivan Nova

Essentially, there is nothing to be learned here.

Some things to contemplate for tomorrow's game:

-If there are two Jakes, which one shows up tomorrow?

-Does the fire sale still have legs or are we stopping at Koji and the Glovely One?

-When do the new guys get here?

Finally, I just want to express my appreciation for Koji. He seemed like a really sweet guy and was a damn fine pitcher. He put up a 4.2 WAR over 157 innings in 2 plus seasons with the O's and cost a bit more than $10 million. Not exactly what we thought he would be, but pretty good. Sayonara, Uehara-san!