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4th of July Bird Droppings

Happy 4th of July! It's a slow day for Orioles new, not that I expect lots of people to be checking in today. 

Chipper Jones Criticizes 'Substandard' Umpire After Bad Ninth Inning Strike Calls | SB Nation Atlanta
I agreed with Chipper when I only read the title, but it turns out he thought the ump was good all day until his at bat. Check it out, Chipper.

A Q&A with Heath Bintliff of Orioles blog Dempsey's Army |
Heath takes his turn with the kinkily named Blogger on Blogger.

Fans can make Orioles' Jones an All-Star |
Matt Wieters is the only Orioles selected to the All-Star Game, but Adam Jones is on the last player ballot. So go vote for him already!

School of Roch: Keep Reynolds wrapped in cleanup
Roch is on the "get Vlad and Lee away from the top of the lineup" train. 

Weaver's Tantrum: The Last Tantrum
This is a few weeks old, but since Weaver's Tantrum hadn't been updated in awhile I had stopped visiting it regularly. Dave has decided to stop blogging on the O's and he'd been at it for awhile. We'll miss you in the blogOsphere, Dave.