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Saturday Bird Droppings

So, did something happen last night? I can't tell. So, points for Kevin Gregg for whatever he lacked performance wise. What else is going in YOUR world, fellow chatters?

School of Roch: Ortiz, Gregg throw punches (updated)
Roch's blow-by-blow (see what I did there?)

Kevin Gregg is fired up (and maybe a bit of an idiot) | HardballTalk
Not all opinions outside of Birdland were so glowing.

Orioles Insider: Scott gets relatively good news; Simon and Atkins almost set; Weiland to start for Boston Iconic 90s grunge frontman gets the ball for Boston!

It might be Kevin Millwood time in Boston | HardballTalk
Could we be mentored, too?

Dylan Bundy's odds of signing with the Orioles are '50-50' - Baltimore Sun And the games begin...

The umpire crew of Joe West, Angel Hernandez causing problems - Tom Verducci -
This article has an interesting critique of Joe West, but also a brief remembrance of Hall of Fame manager Dick Williams from his playing days as an O.

Artifacts of a Simpler, and Cheaper, Time -
$20 for playoff baseball.  Amazing.

Orioles Insider: Couple of more thoughts on bench-clearing incident - Jeff Z scoops about what may have led up to the brawl, and adds, "Now, I can officially say that I’ve seen [Matt Wieters] really angry." (Esskay)