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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Slow news day in Birdland today...

Showalter tossed after blown call by Cuzzi -
"Showalter kicked dirt across the third-base bag on his way to the dugout. He got a nice ovation."

Buck Showalters postgame comments -
Buck's post-ejection post-game.

Johnson should join Orioles' rotation - CSNBaltimore
"The Orioles should toy with Jim Johnson as a starting pitcher again. It’s an ironic statement considering the reliever blew Monday night’s game against the White Sox. After inheriting a 6-5 lead from Jeremy Guthrie, Johnson allowed two runs to take the loss. In a talk radio world, nothing else matters but what’s in front of you. And, at least for today, some people have foolishly written Johnson off."

School of Roch: Who cleans up mess in fourth slot? - MASN
"If Showalter pulls the trigger and lowers Guerrero in the order, which we've been anticipating since the break, who takes his spot behind Jones? Could it be Jones? Or is it a bad idea to move him from the third slot and tamper with his success? Could it be Reynolds, who leads the team in home runs and second-deck shots?"