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Sunday Bird Droppings

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Today's Bird Droppings is brought to you by the Baseball Gods who remind us that as they give, so shall they take and the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Steve Melewski: It appears Baker is Bowie-bound
Had a chance to see Baker at Frederick last night. Looked good at the bag and the plate and has an impressive mane.

Pirates place Derrek Lee on the disabled list with a fractured left wrist | HardballTalk
They call him the Glass Man.

Fate brings promising pitcher to Delmarva Shorebirds | The Daily Times |
Do you know who Tim Berry is? No? Read on!

Strikes on deer antler spray, Alex Rodriguez and Roy Halladay - Tom Verducci -
Name names, Verducci! Who's on the spray?!

Camden Depot: Cup of jO's: The Ball is Juiced (1961 style) The Baseball Gods approve, Mr. Shepherd.

'The Colonel' lookalike says he's too chicken to steal signs at Rogers Centre | News
This is just kind of weird...but I like it.

Happy Birthday to the Earl of Baltimore!