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Game 118: Tigers (64-55) @ Orioles (45-72), 1:35pm

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The Orioles are in a cold, dark and lonely place. Orioles fans, on the other hand, are trapped in seemingly eternal torment. We may not be getting the blazing hot fire at this time, but day in and out of this nonsense has to fit the definition of hell according to some religion or another. Perhaps it's hell according to all religions, even the ones that don't believe in the existence of hell.

Expect no relief today. In fact, what crystallized my opinion that we are all damned was when I set down to write this post and saw the starting matchup. On one hand, we have the Orioles sending out Jo-Jo Reyes. This is the world we are living in. Reyes will be making multiple starts in an O's uniform. Today may not even be the last one.

The Tigers starter is Doug Fister, formerly of the Mariners until just before the trade deadline. His one-time presence on the Mariners probably explains why his record is 4-12 against a 3.37 ERA. After looking at that, and considering last night's performance, I've decided to never again talk about Jeremy Guthrie's bad luck. There was no bad luck last night. There was only bad.

Once in baseball, the slogan for starters was, "Spahn and Sain and pray for rain." Towards the beginning of the season a couple of years ago, in a bizarre fit of optimism, Peter Schmuck on his blog solicited updated slogans from fans centering around Guthrie and Koji. (I know, right?) My favorite was: "Guthrie and Koji, then three guys who blowji." There are some other good ones. The post is an interesting time capsule, although it may also make you a little sad.

In the present, the Orioles rotation slogan is a bit truncated from the classic. Now, it's just, "Pray for rain."