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Game 120: Orioles (47-72) @ Athletics (53-68), 10:05pm

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I said maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me
I said maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me

The progression of game thread opening posts has been one steadily trending towards doom and gloom, and once there, steadily increasing levels of the same. On one end of the Birdland scale is the eternal optimist, Jim Hunter, and the other end is probably our own James F, the eternal pessimist. I have been more like James F.

A funny thing happened last night as the Orioles were signing key draft picks and beating a left-handed pitcher in Oakland in August: they exceeded my expectations for the first time in what seems like forever. I did not think they would sign Nick Delmonico, I did not think they would sign Dylan Bundy for so little, and I did not think they would beat Gio Gonzalez. They did all of these things, and for one night, I felt good. I still feel good today. Reality may yet cruelly intrude on this dreaming cloud, as it often does. Tonight you should dare to dream a little bit, though. This is a lost season, of course, but perhaps we can imagine our next, non-lost season, after we have changed GMs and hopefully more, and maybe something crazy happens like we actually start developing prospects.

The duration that the good vibes are sustained probably has a lot to do with the performance of tonight's Orioles starter. Brian Matusz is returning from his AAA exile. The press reports from the usual suspects that talked about his recent appearances for the Norfolk Tides have indicated his velocity has come back a bit and he has been using his secondary pitches well. We may even see something crazy happen like Matusz resembling a major league pitcher, and if that happens, well, the dreams will be off to the races, because then we (I) can get back to imagining that rotation with Britton, Matusz, Arrieta (who might actually be able to pitch now that he's got the bone chips removed), and whoever else sticks.

Hey, there's still plenty of orange Kool-Aid to go around.