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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Steve Melewski: As it turns out, the Orioles did get the "big three" - MASN
"During a season in which the Orioles have had a lot of bad days, Monday was not among them. And I'm not talking about the win at Oakland. I'm talking about scouting director Joe Jordan signing what I had been calling the "big three." He got Dylan Bundy, Jason Esposito and Nicky Delmonico."

Orioles Insider: Dylan Bundy: 'The plan for me is to get up there in 2013'
Why major league deal was important: "Me and my adviser and my dad, we all thought that we were worth it. We truly believe that I’m going to be up there in 2013 and help the Orioles win some games. We thought that was necessary." -duck

Orioles find positives in Matusz's outing -
Wieters: "I thought he was probably a few good changeups away from no runs given up in that game instead of what happened. His fastball had good life, and his breaking stuff was back to being sharp. There are still a lot of positives that he could take out of that game."

Chris Davis Injury: Orioles Slugger Has Shoulder Tear - Baseball Nation
"The good news for the Orioles is that, even though there's a tear, it's small, and repairing it shouldn't be a big deal. The bad news is that there's a tear at all, which means they probably won't get to see more of Davis between now and the end of the season."

Napkin Scratch: To Overslot or Spend on International Free Agents - Camden Depot
"What is a more efficient use of funds: spending more than 500k for players after the tenth round or 500k for an international free agent."

Camden Yards: Still A Field Of Dreams 20 Seasons Later? - PressBox
Mike Devereaux: "I remember Brady Anderson and I just had our jaws dropping when we hit the field. A few of the lights were on. It actually did bring a tear to my eye because this was going to be our home, where we were going to play."

Roberts optimistic about future with O's | News
"I still want to be in an Orioles uniform to see this team end up where we desire to go. And I still believe I'll be an integral part of that in the next two years." -duck