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Game 121: Orioles (47-73) @ Athletics (54-68), 3:35pm

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Put your left foot in, take your left foot out
Put your left foot in, take your left foot out

One night of dreaming wasn't so bad. Now it's back to the grind wherein the Orioles lose a lot of baseball games because our baseball players aren't as good as the other team's baseball players, even when that team is the Oakland Athletics. Maybe you can find some small bit of encouragement in knowing that Brian Matusz made it through 6.2 innings last night, and really only surrendered four runs while he was in the game. He may yet be a major league pitcher.

In this afternoon's action, we will get another look at Alfredo Simon. After his last start, there were stories written about how maybe he is just out of gas. As we know, his offseason legal troubles had an effect on his preparation for this season. Not that that's much consolation to O's fans if he comes out and isn't good today. I'm not in an excuse-making mood today, or really for the rest of the season. I'd just like to see the O's win some baseball games or at least look a bit less like they completely suck.

The Athletics starter is Brandon McCarthy. I can tell you nothing about McCarthy except that he is one of those baseball players who is very active on the twitter. He spent half of May and all of June on the DL, but he's still thrown 112 innings this year. His walk rate of 1.29 BB/9 is astounding. Fangraphs seems to think he has suffered a lot of bad luck this season, because despite his 3.62 ERA he has a 3.2 WAR. That is more than double the value of all Orioles pitchers except Zach Britton, and higher than any Oriole except Adam Jones, who equals it. McCarthy has made 17 starts.

McCarthy is right-handed, so we may even have a chance at a victory.

Let's talk about the lineup for a second. Vladimir Guerrero hasn't batted cleanup in several games. That is good. He is still batting 5th, which is silly, but still, baby steps. With each loss it looks more likely that we will baby step our way to ignominy, but that ties back to the original point, which is that our baseball players just aren't as good as other teams' baseball players. Some day that may change, but probably not any time this year.

On a given day, strange things can always happen, though. So, maybe today. Go O's!