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Thursday Bird Droppings

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Britton tosses solid rehab start, nearing return |
"Britton's only run came in the first inning, and the expectation is he will be ready to come off the DL and make his next start on the Orioles' current road trip."

Orioles Buzz: Daniel Moroz: Predicting Adam Jones' development as a hitter - MASN
"This year, Jones has really broken out, hitting a well above average .293/.332/.489, which had made him the Orioles' top batter. One would think that one of the factors behind such a substantial improvement would be better plate discipline. Is that the case? In a word, nope."

Orioles news, notes and opinions - off day edition -
"The Orioles simply haven’t had enough talent to compete on a nightly basis and that doesn’t fall on the manager. Having said all that, I was a little surprised with two of Showalter’s moves in the Orioles’ 6-5 loss yesterday."

Orioles' Chris Davis Strains Shoulder Sleeping | SportsGrid
"We’re not even Orioles fans, and we’re depressed."

The answer, my friends? O's have Bob, add Dylan | The Daily Times
Good news, friends. Bundy's a prospect that won't disappoint because he's a hard-nosed baseball guy who doesn't showboat like those kids these days with their baggy pants and their raps. Also, sibling rivalry creates baseball success 100% of the time. Just look at Billy Ripken!