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Friday Bird Droppings

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Steve Melewski: What makes a good draft? - MASN
Jim Callis: "Even in the first round, the best players taken in the draft, the rule of thumb is roughly a third of those guys will be very good players, a third of those guys will make it to the big leagues and a third of them will not make it or get a cup of coffee."

Heath Bintliff: Orioles not cleaning up - MASN
"Everywhere I turn, it seems the Orioles are setting some new standard for futility. Today, it is on the offensive side and a spot in the order that a couple of offseason signings were supposed to upgrade: cleanup hitter."

Machado in no rush to get called up |
Machado: "There's still a lot of things I got to learn in this game, and it's just I'd rather wait it out a little more and learn more things. The main thing about getting to the big leagues is not getting there; that's the easy part. The hard part is staying there. I don't want to be one of those guys that goes up there for two weeks and struggles, and then get called back down, and then go back up, back and forth."

Edward Norton's birthday wish: For Ripken to save the Orioles -
Accomplished and attractive actor Edward Norton took to the twitter machine this week to lobby for Cal Ripken's return to the Orioles franchise.

Ripken a year or two away from return to baseball - MLB - Sporting News
Norton may have to wait a bit: "But realistically, I’m firmly planted in what I’m doing right now, at least for the next year or two years. Then I’ll have to reevaluate and say, ‘OK, do I really want to come back to the big league scene and is there going to be an opportunity?’ And that’s the truth of it."