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Game 123: Orioles (47-75) @ Angels (67-59), 9:05pm

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It feels like heaven's so far away
It feels like heaven's so far away

If there's one key difference between tonight's Orioles game and last night's, it's that tonight, the Angels starter sucks. Joel Pineiro would fit right in on the Orioles with his 5.34 ERA. The O's starter is Tommy Hunter, who potentially may not suck, so there's another difference; Jo-Jo Reyes being no good was a certainty. Although in limited career action, Hunter has sucked against the Angels. Is anyone really surprised? Both of these starters are heavy contact pitchers. Pineiro is striking out even fewer batters than Hunter. Pineiro has a BABIP allowed of .330, which one might think indicates bad luck, except the Angels have the third-best fielding in MLB (per Fangraphs, by runs saved) so it probably means he just sucks and throws eminently hittable pitches. Kind of like the whole non-Jim Johnson portions of the O's bullpen.

In terms of the Orioles lineup that flailed away against Dan Haren yesterday, there's absolutely no difference. J.J. Hardy leading off, Vladimir Guerrero batting cleanup, we've seen this all too many times. On the bright side, we will not see it more than 38 more times after tonight because the season will be over by then, unless the O's do something ridiculous like re-sign Vlad which is honestly so terrible I can't even think about it. So about those eminently hittable pitches... don't be surprised if the Orioles still find a way to notch eight strikeouts tonight.

As bad as last night's game was, and as much despair as it was that led me to use MS Paint to express the game recap, I don't know if we had it the worst last night. San Francisco was blanked in a 6-0 loss to Houston and this is what happened on their SBN blog as a result. I believe that thread was posted before the game was even over. The Orioles are a bad baseball team but at least none of their bloggers have been driven to employ Comic Sans. On the other hand, San Fran fans got to see a World Series championship last year so probably they should just shut the f*** up and leave the melodramatic suffering to fanbases that are actually suffering.

The O's have lost 14 straight series, which the MASN broadcast last night claimed is a franchise record. A loss tonight means that record would be extended to 15 straight lost series. I never expected the O's to be good this year, but I don't think you could have really imagined them being this bad either. Ah, well. Some day, friends. Perhaps we will even still be alive to see it.