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Game 124: Orioles (47-76) @ Angels (68-59), 3:35pm

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Fee fi fo fum, I smell a terrible closer
Fee fi fo fum, I smell a terrible closer

Was that a pantheon loss or what? How many of those have we seen this season, anyway? For my money, that's got to be among the five worst losses we've suffered in the last, I don't know, six years. 30-3 is the definitive #1, and 2-5 in some order is The Anaheim Aneurysm (last night), The Mothers Day Meltdown, the Buchholz no-hitter, and the day after Birdland Day. Opening Day 2010 is definitely in the conversation.

The real question is what's wrong with you, me, and anyone who's even remotely considering (let alone actually watching) the next game after that terrible outcome? I touched a couple days ago on the idea that we, as fans, must be approaching rock bottom, except last night has thoroughly demonstrated that there's absolutely nothing preventing things from being even worse.

Starting for the Angels today is Jerome Williams. He has not appeared in a major league game since 2007 (other than a 0.2 IP relief appearance on Wednesday) and hasn't won a start since 2005. I think we all know what this means, so let's not even dwell on it.

Brian Matusz pitches for the Orioles. He has an 8.63 ERA and has given up nearly three home runs per nine innings pitched. We still want to believe Matusz will resemble a major league pitcher at some point. He had poor results in his last start but did, at least, vaguely resemble an MLB starter at times. He has a patchwork defense behind him, so who knows what will happen? No joke, Matt Wieters is playing first base because Reynolds appears to have been hurt in the collision last night on the same play as Josh Bell made the throwing error. And speaking of Bell, I think we've maybe seen enough of him at 3B, which leaves... yes, that's Blake Davis.

Plus, Felix Pie is playing left field. I have some good news, though. Felix is no longer the worst player in MLB (measured by Fangraphs WAR). His -1.8 was the worst for a long time, but Adam Dunn is now a -2.2 WAR player and thus worse than Felix. Amazing!

If anybody needs me for anything, I'll just be over here weeping inconsolably.