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Monday Bird Droppings

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It's time to find out if Ryan Adams can play at the major league level - MASN
"It has become more than clear that Buck Showalter is a real Robert Andino fan and Andino has done a solid job playing second base and serving in his utility role on the club this year. But I think the Orioles by now know about Andino's talents and may want to learn more about what Adams can do."

For the Orioles, the goal is to avoid 100 losses | Baltimore Sports Report
"The Baltimore Orioles are on pace for the third 100 loss season in their franchise’s 56 year history. The Orioles lost 100 games in 1954 when the St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore and 107 in 1988 when the Orioles started the season 0-14."

Orioles tragic: Let me count the ways -
It's slim pickings on a Monday morning when I'm clipping Peter Schmuck.

Joe Posnanski " Posts Wild Card vs. Wild Card -
"So, theoretically, I can see the value. And hey, I’m always for more baseball. No, my only problem comes when I actually look at the standings. This year, for instance, the Yankees-Red Sox loser would probably play Tampa Bay or the Angels in a one-game playoff. In the National League, the Braves would probably play the Giants-Diamondbacks loser, or perhaps St. Louis."

Frazier's Good Luck Rubs Off On Orioles - PressBox
OK, this woman is adorable.