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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Jones hospitalized, released after tests come out fine -
"The Orioles said they summoned the Twins’ team doctor as part of stadium operations procedure but no one from the Orioles actually called 911, though a "non-emergency" call was placed. The Orioles initially described the condition as an "illness" when Jones left the field."

O's clear roster spot by designating Pie |
Oh, Felix.

Pie speaks about being designated (with Adam Jones quotes) -
Felix: "I know I am the kind of player that [if] I play every day, I’ll do better and better. I think it’s much better for me to be put on waivers and see if another team will take me."

Shorebirds closer hopes to secure saves record -
"Walters, who signed with the Orioles organization as a free agent in June 2009, has recorded 30 saves for the Shorebirds this year and needs just three more to tie the franchise record set by Derek Brown in 1998."

On The Matt Holliday Moth Incident - Baseball Nation