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Game 127: Orioles (49-77) @ Twins (55-73), 8:10pm

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An Orioles winning streak feels a lot like what happens when you see a particularly impressive-looking bird eating out of your bird feeder. It's a little exciting, perhaps, and you might want to go get a camera to get some evidence of it. Except, at the same time, you know that you can't make any sudden movements, or that bird will get freaked out and it will fly away and go off to somebody else's bird feeder and you will never see it again. Maybe, if you are lucky, the bird will leave behind a feather for you to remember it by, a kaleidoscopic image to imprint upon your memory of a distant, happier time.

If you are unlucky, a cat will jump out of the bushes and dig its claws into that bird, and you will be filled with the sadness of knowing that a beautiful thing has passed from the universe and its like shall never be seen again, that it has gone extinct all because you went to get that camera. Off in the distance you will hear the tolling of a bell, but remember your advice passed down by John Donne and send not to know for whom it tolls: it tolls for thee.

The lineup responsible for last night's victory is entirely intact. Tonight they will be going up against Kevin Slowey of the Twins, who is a right-handed pitcher who managed a 4.45 ERA last year, version 1.0 of the Year of the Pitcher. From that I am going to draw the inference that Slowey is not a good pitcher, whether or not this is actually a true statement.

Jeremy Guthrie is up for the Orioles. He is going to give up home runs, because he is Guthrie. Although for all that, he, too, has a lower ERA in 2011 than Slowey (small sample size, though, because Slowey's only pitched 20.1 innings in MLB). In fact, the little Accuscore thing on ESPN that simulates each game 10,000 times thinks the O's are favored 54-46 tonight. Man, guys, Minnesota is pretty bad this year. In fact, so is the whole AL Central - even the O's have managed an 18-18 record against the division thus far.

Yes, Central, that's right: the team with the worst record in the AL has split the season against you so far. I hereby enjoin you from whining about East Coast Bias until the conclusion of the World Series.