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Report: Mike Flanagan found dead

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Earlier this evening, there was a strange report of a body found on the Monkton property of former Orioles great and current MASN color commentator Mike Flanagan. Now, a report from WBAL TV says that according to sources, the body was that of Flanagan.

It is pretty early in the story and not all details are known, so I am not even going to speculate what things may or may not mean in the bare bones story. As more confirmed reports come out, we will keep that information passing along.

On a personal note, I got to meet Flanagan as part of the Blogger Night earlier in the year. The little tour was running behind schedule when we were supposed to meet the broadcasters and Flanagan cut his dinner short to come and talk to the group of us. He was very gracious to do that and he provided us with a number of funny stories. It was one of my highlights of the whole experience.

There is a Flanagan-sized hole in Birdland. He was a great Oriole in his playing career and a great broadcaster in recent years. He will be missed.