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Should Jeremy Guthrie continue wearing #46?

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46 was Mike Flanagan's uniform number, which is currently on the back of Jeremy Guthrie's uniform. Should it remain there? It's not me asking, it's Jeremy himself. From Orioles Insider:

"I really just want to do what people would view as the most respectful to honor him and his memory and what he did for the Orioles," Guthrie said.

"I’ve seen a lot of fan reaction, just through communications. Some say continue to wear it, wear it with pride," he said. "There’s also been some sentiment that you can put the number away in his honor. It’s such an emotional situation. … Whatever people think would be the right thing is probably the best thing."

I think Guthrie should continue wearing it. I'm not sure if it was this season or last season, but I remember it coming up in the broadcast booth that Guthrie wears Flanagan's number. My memory isn't good enough to give a quote, but I do remember Flanagan saying that he thought it was great that people related that number with both him and Guthrie.

If the Orioles want to go the semi-retired route the way they have with #44 for Elrod Hendricks and #7 for Cal Ripken, Sr., fine. But do it after Guthrie finishes his tenure as an Oriole. Guthrie is a good baseball player and a better person, much like Flanagan himself. Let his time in #46 be a tribute to that.

What do you think? Give your opinion in the comments and I'll send the link to Guthrie on Twitter.