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Camdencast Episode 10 - GMs Past, Present and Future

Andrew and I are back after a little hiatus. It's just the two of us this time, and the bulk of the podcast is talking about recent Orioles GMs. Two-part podcasts may be the new normal. They are about 25 minutes apiece.

Part I, which can be found here:

0:00-12:00 – Remembering Mike Flanagan – and how the teams he built as GM weren't as bad as you think

12:00-18:30 – Will the Orioles lose 100 games? Does it even matter? No, it doesn't matter.

18:30-23:51 – What do we want out of the Orioles' next GM?

Part II, which can be found right here:

0:00-12:00 - What went wrong with MacPhail's plan? Was a 100 loss season inevitable?

12:00-19:45 - Andrew's theory about why Vlad is continuing to bat cleanup

19:45-25:08 - Fan optimism, no matter how irrational

If you were subscribed on iTunes, you could have gotten automatic updates to Camdencast with no hassle. Or if you use some other means of acquiring podcasts, you can run our XML link through the program of your choice.

We'll try our best to have a show a week for the rest of the season. As always, please let us know if you have any feedback. We'll be back again!