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Friday Bird Droppings

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Davey Johnson on Mike Flanagan: ‘I just wish I had known’ - The Washington Post
"I just wish I had known he’d been struggling,"

Peter Gammons: Mike Flanagan brought humor and smarts to the game | News
"Memorial Stadium was part of a Baltimore neighborhood that was an era unto itself, and the joy so many of us had will last forever. The final day of that park was the best ceremony I've ever seen, as player after player from 1955-91 took his position on the field as home plate was driven to the new park known as Camden Yards, the park that changed sports. Palmer, Robin Roberts, Dave McNally and Don (Stan the Man Unusual) Stanhouse all pitched for the Orioles, but it was Mike Flanagan who was the last Orioles pitcher standing on the mound on its final day. Somewhere, I have the video of that final day. I will watch it today, put Eric Von Schmidt and Rolf Cahn's "He Was a Friend of Mine" on the iPod and do what Palmer and Billy Endicott, John Lowenstein and anyone who ever knew Flanny is doing today, glorying in the fact that we knew him."

Friends shocked by Flanagan's suicide -
Close friends of Mike Flanagan said he was wounded by losing his job as an Orioles baseball executive. They were nonetheless stunned by his suicide, saying he had seemed to be in good spirits in recent months.

Flanagan Cherished the Joy of New Life -
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the Orioles were a strong and tight-knit club, he said, recalling how they worried for Flanagan after he found his wife passed out during the first of two ectopic pregnancies that ended in miscarriages. In a September 1982 story in People magazine, Flanagan was open enough to share how he had talked doctors out of giving his wife a hysterectomy. By then, he said, the Flanagans were so discouraged that they avoided the team’s family events. Then they heard about an in vitro program at a Virginia hospital, where Kathy Flanagan, not yet 30, was considered a strong candidate. "We all prayed for them because we knew they’d been trying for a long time and how much they suffered," Singleton said.

Markakis on dealing with the loss of Flanagan -
"You hear something like that, it’s devastating. It is tough to keep your focus,"

A collection of Mike Flanagan quotes | Roar From 34
"It makes you realize how much time has passed -- a big chunk of your lifetime -- since this team was really a winner. Actually, 1983 is the last time this organization was really happy."

Steve Melewski: Earl Weaver and Scott McGregor remember Mike Flanagan
"Few players and people were ever more proud to represent the Orioles or did so with more pride. Flanny made us proud to be Orioles fans."


Steve Melewski: The starters start to pitch well - MASN
"In the first three games of the series - all Orioles wins - the starting pitchers' ERA was 1.35. The staters in the series before today - Zach Britton, Alfredo Simon and Jeremy Guthrie - had combined to give up just three earned runs and 14 hits over 20 innings."

Robert Andino Barehanded Catch: Orioles Player Makes Amazing Grab (VIDEO)
Robert Andino in the Huffington Post. It's a strange world we live in.

Joe Posnanski " Posts The Crafty Lefty Hall of Fame "
"Mike Flanagan’s main pitch was a slow curveball, which on some days baffled hitters, and on other days looked to them like a balloon floating in the wind. But he kept throwing it and his not-too-fast fastball and a sinker and a changeup, and he would drop sidearm sometimes, and he would try to make every pitch at least one mph slower or faster than anything else he had thrown that day, and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but he kept on pitching, year after year."