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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Having technology problems in Birdland this morning, apologies for the brevity.

Orioles' MacPhail could start GM exodus with departure –
Buck: "I just hope for the best for Andy. This is not one person's fault. You can't be this bad, for this long, without multiple reasons."

MacPhail, speculation and a green-cheese moon -
MacPhail: "You can get two sources to say the moon is made of green cheese,"

Minor league updates on Hobgood and Bundy plus AFL note - MASN
"For now, rest has been recommended and Hobgood, the club's first-round draft pick in 2009, is expected to miss the remaining few games of the season."

Adams makes most of shot with Birds - Carroll County Times
Buck: "He's a confident young man and his clock's gotten a little better. It's still going to have to take some adjustments,"