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Thursday Bird Droppings

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O's woes a mystery - | FOX Sports
Why are we so awful? Don't worry, Ken Rosenthal will tell us.

Connor resumes former post with Rangers |
"Former Orioles pitching coach Mark Connor, who resigned on June 14, has agreed to return to his former role as the Rangers' player development special consultant, according to several sources."

A closer look at LJ Hoes' breakout season at Double-A and recent power surge - MASN
"LJ Hoes, the Orioles' 21-year-old, third-round pick out of Washington's St. John's High School in 2008 that was signed by scout Dean Albany, is putting up impressive numbers for the team and suddenly has added some power to his game."

Zach Britton talks about his struggles before tonight's start -
"Britton and Gregg spoke for about two hours Sunday, locked up in an intense conversation in one corner of the Yankee Stadium clubhouse." Guidance from Gregg. It's come to this?

'Bad News Birds,' starring Buck Sho-Walter Matthau | The Daily Times
"You can feel the Orioles will be good someday because Showalter always has been successful as a manager. Looking at Showalter's history, his teams usually take their lumps that first full year before figuring things out. And the silver lining is they are better than they were this time last year."

C.J. Nitkowski's experience with stem cell treatment - The Bonus -
"I wondered if after a long baseball season, stem cell and PRP therapies could be given to seemingly healthy pitchers to strengthen weakened and slightly torn ligaments and tendons. My thought was that they would decrease the chances of a pitcher getting seriously hurt." - Andrew