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Game 108: Orioles (43-64) @ Royals (47-63), 8:10pm

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What do you say after the Orioles manage to score two runs off Luke Hochevar? One among us was driven to modern art commentary as metaphor for this season. This is what they do to us, fraying what remains of our sanity on a regular basis. Yet here we all are again, back for another dose of whatever it is this is. With a win tonight, the O's can still win this series. On the other end of possible outcomes, a loss tonight may send the O's to the worst run differential in MLB.

Angling to put the O's on the positive end of those possible outcomes is Zach Britton, who needs to rebound in a bad way from the disastrous start in New York, where he couldn't even get out of the first inning. Hopefully the defense won't destroy his chances quite so bad today, but seeing as how it's the same players behind him, there's not much chance of that. To top it all off, he's playing the Royals, who have this really unpleasant tendency of striking Orioles pitchers with line drives. Seriously, what's that about?

When the season began, we had hopes for Britton winning the Rookie of the Year award. It's August 4 and he's sporting a 4.56 ERA. I don't think we will have any rookies next year, so we can't say maybe next year. Let's just move on before it's too depressing. Probably too late for that.

The good news is that a crappy starter is pitching for the Royals: Jeff Francis. Even better is that the Orioles have actually slapped this crappy starter around a bit this year. Francis has made two starts against the O's this year, giving up 10 ER in 11.2 IP. One of those games was a 6-5 win and the other was a 6-5 loss and both went into extra innings. The 6-5 win featured two home runs by Nolan Reimold off of Francis. I want Nolan to be good more than any other player on the roster, so I'll be rooting for more bombs from Nolan tonight. That 6-5 win, by the way, put the O's record at 24-24, the last time they have seen the .500 mark this season.

It'll only take twenty straight wins after a victory tonight to get back to .500.