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Camdencast Episode 9 - North of the Border

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Andrew and I asked ourselves, what could be more fun talking about the Orioles? The answer is talking about the Orioles and an upcoming opponent with a fan from that team. So we were joined for this episode by JohnnyG, who is my podcasting counterpart on Bluebird Banter, and we ended up with a session that was a blast to record. I hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording.

Due to continuing technical difficulties with SBNation, this podcast has also been split into two parts.

Part 1 is about 20 minutes long, and it can be found here.

Part 2 is about 18 minutes long, and it is located right here.

If you were subscribed on iTunes, you could have gotten this podcast updated automatically without any hassle! Or if you use some other means of acquiring podcasts, you can get your updates through our XML feed with this link.

Part 1 breakdown:


0:00-5:00 Intro and life for Blue Jays fans in 2011

5:00-11:45 Blue Jays general managers: the new vs. the old

11:45-16:00 Jose Bautista is amazing

16:00-19:51 Toronto as a baseball town


Part 2 breakdown:


0:00-4:45 Balanced schedules and/or realignment

4:45-12:45 JohnnyG's first impression of Jays manager Farrell; concussions

12:45-18:26 Could O's have made Rasmus trade? Also, will Adam Loewen make MLB again?


Please let us know how we can continue to make a more enjoyable listening experience for you. Thanks for listening. We'll be back again!