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Game 109: Blue Jays (56-55) @ Orioles (43-65), 7:05pm

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Sometimes, there are players who strike me as being destined to play in Baltimore. Occasionally, these players are complete weirdos, which means they fit right in around here. Like John Waters said, Baltimore is full of people who are crazy but think they are normal. Aubrey Huff wasn't enamored of the nightlife, but he was a Baltimore kind of player, which was demonstrated with his unveiling of the rally thong in San Francisco. Baltimore would have loved the rally thong, if only the O's were ever good while Huff was here.

Other players have names that were made to be pronounced in the peculiar Baltimorean way of speech. The perfect example of this kind of player is at the other end of Camden Yards, as the Ravens' QB Joe Flacco has the greatest of names for this purpose, doubling up on the O sound. He is not the only one. Tonight's Orioles starter, Tommy Hunter, also has a name that was made to play in Baltimore, because we will say "Hunner" instead, which sounds a lot like "hon-er", so that's like a double threat Baltimore name. It was meant to be. Although I hope he doesn't get frightened by the hon-est.

As far as Hunter as a baseball player, well, they ran out of space for him in Texas, so he was expendable to be shipped here along with Chris Davis. There was no more capability to wait for them in that organization. Fortunately for Hunter, and for Davis, the Orioles are playing terrible baseball, so there's no harm in letting a couple of guys try to earn their stripes. Except for Nolan Reimold, who must have run over somebody's dog. But he is playing tonight. Anyway, Hunter and Davis have limited major league time. Hunter has been a bit more successful than Davis, relatively, but these guys are both still pretty young and the potential for development is there.

We Orioles fans desperately need something to go right this season, so hopefully Hunter starts to click. He probably won't get a lot of run support because the O's are facing Brad Mills of the Blue Jays, who is a lefty with 37 career MLB innings. He also won't get a lot of defensive help because the O's are the worst.

So, Tommy, good luck. You'll need it, hon.