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Sunday Bird Droppings

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The Baltimore Orioles mascot celebrates after a 6-2 victory against the Toronto Blue Jays Saturday.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
The Baltimore Orioles mascot celebrates after a 6-2 victory against the Toronto Blue Jays Saturday. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
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Morrow, Jays melt down in loss to Orioles -
"[F]or five innings it looked like Brandon Morrow, featuring a popping fastball and vicious slider, was on track for something special. He wasn't." Relive the agony of Jays fans last night.

Orioles Insider: Tillman highlights nice night for Orioles
"Tillman probably pitched the best I’ve ever seen him out there," said Orioles right fielder Nick Markakis. "He kept us in the game. That was a real big inning, and a big turning point in that game. Bases loaded and nobody out and what did he give up, one run on a sac fly? You can’t ask for much more out of that." Well, the O's would have found a way not to score any runs, but we understand the sentiment, Nick.

Buck Showalter knows Baltimore Orioles among small-market clubs at a loss in scouting, development
"I know (payrolls are) what everyone looks at when you're talking about this division," Showalter said. "But the real disparity, the disparity that's hurting baseball, is the disparity that no one sees - the amount of money being spent on scouting and player development." And whose fault is that, Buck? Are the evil Yankees and Red Sox stopping the O's from spending, oh, $8 million in the Dominican Republic instead of signing up a washed-up DH?

School of Roch: Speculating on Tuesday's starter
"Orioles manager Buck Showalter hasn't made a final decision on Tuesday night's starter against the White Sox at Camden Yards, but the prime candidates are relievers Jo-Jo Reyes and Brad Bergesen." I'm all tingly with excitement! Who wil it be????????

Steve Melewski: Zach Britton said he is not concerned about his left shoulder
"We're looking at trying to just calm whatever's going on down and they feel like maybe I've been overdoing it a little bit trying to figure some stuff out in the bullpen. I'm kind of going through a rough stretch, so I'm really trying to figure some stuff out and maybe I overdid it a little bit, and it's just, trying to back me off, give me some time off and get going for the rest of the year." Well, that makes me feels tons better to know he's been pitching through pain for a while now, how about you?

Steve Melewski: Patton is throwing well, but other hurlers keep hitting the DL
"It would be nice to see him get more of a chance now and it finally looks like he might. Patton is the only current player active on the Orioles from the trade that sent him and three others to Baltimore when Miguel Tejada was dealt to Houston on December 12, 2007. That deal also made Luke Scott, Matt Albers, Mike Costanzo and Dennis Sarfate members of the Orioles."

Shorebird player battles nerves to play where needed | The Daily Times |
"To be honest, I couldn't tell you the last time I played second base in a game," the Delmarva Shorebird said. "I was probably the most nervous I'd been in a long time playing in a game because I didn't want to mess up being at a new position at game speed. I've done the same thing growing up that I'm doing now, it just depends on where the team needed me to play in order to help us win, so if I needed to play second, if I needed to play left or I needed to catch, that's where I played." And we wonder where we go wrong in player development...

Cal Ripken: Teens learning Ripken way -
"Billy built a fake brick wall behind (the fence), and we've put ivy around the wall,'' Ripken said. "The only problem is deer keep eating the ivy.'' That complex in Aberdeen is something else, from what I've been told. Call will be in Chicago was a spokesman and coach for the Under Armour All America Baseball Game at Wrigley Field yesterday. 

All the Open Thread needs now is a great soldier, someone who can lead his hordes to the gates of Heaven and burn them down.