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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Life After Andy MacPhail: Experienced Hands Outside of the Organization - Camden Depot
"I think Hart and Krivsky are the two likely ones from this group to have consideration to replace MacPhail. The one selected would be based on whoever had more power: Buck or MacPhail."

Will the Orioles lose 100 games this season? -
"They have lost eight of their last 10 and 28 of their last 37. They haven’t won a series in more than a month (June 24-26). And, that begs the question that was floating around the press box Monday night after the Orioles threw a game away to the Chicago White Sox: Will these Orioles do it? Will they lose 100 games?"

Would you like to see Reynolds play first base permanently? -
Reynolds: "I don't know if I like [first] better, but it's good to just do whatever I can to help the team win. If they want me to play first, I'll be at first. If they want me at third, I'll be there, and if they want me to be in the outfield, I'll go to the outfield. Maybe not catcher. I don't like catcher so much."

Amber Theoharis: Showalter, Birds need to being evaluating for next season - MASN
"Who would you like to get a better look at these last two months of the season, and who are you ready to cut ties with?"

Matthew Taylor: Trying to keep things in perspective - MASN
"Rather than focus on the day-to-day frustrations of the Birds' 14th consecutive losing season, I'm attempting to consider the big picture and keep things in perspective. After all, how bad could it be?"

Measuring the Growth of Sabermetrics - Beyond the Box Score
"The proliferation of sabermetrics can be largely attributed to the rise of the internet, which gives an appropriate medium for many types of baseball discussion. Websites, such as the very one you are reading, provide for an excellent forum from which to learn. As such, it seems that it would be appropriate to measure the growth of sabermetrics using the internet, specifically using tools like Google Trends."