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Thursday Bird Droppings

Today's clippings are brought to you by a couple of old farts who used a telegraph to transmit our clippings into the central switching station.

Recaps of last night's debacle from The Sun, the Other Sun, and just for kicks, Reuters.

Orioles introduce Dylan Bundy to Baltimore -
Bundy is excited to get back on the mound, blah blah blah. Plus injury updates (Roberts is long-tossing!), and callup speculation (VandenHurk! Accardo!). -zk

Baltimore Orioles revert to losing ways - ESPN
Jerry Crasnick sums it all up quite nicely. Except when he says MacPhail "...impressed the fan base by bringing in Vladimir Guerrero, Derrek Lee and other veterans...." I don't believe anyone was impressed by those moves. Not even the folks who said signing Vlad wouldn't hurt us (I was one of them, and I stand by that assertion). -zk

MLB - Baseball Prospectus on the impact of Orioles' deficient defense - ESPN
"Baseball Prospectus takes a look at the Orioles' deficient defense and analyzes its impact on the team's cadre of young pitching. The good news: It's fixable." Note: This is ESPN Insider, so someone with an account will have to login and explain how the 'good news' part works. -zk

School of Roch: Showalter and Reyes speak after 13-0 loss
Is Buck taking a quiet swipe at Andy? Re: Henderson Alvarez, he says, "You can see why they're excited about him. Another product of what they've been doing internationally, in Venezuela. He had command on both sides of the plate and a lot of great life, the ball running around. He was pretty impressive." Maybe I'm just reading too much into it. -zk

MacPhail likely done as O's GM - Baltimore Sports |
Some guy in the Examiner manages to pen an entire article about a one-sentence speculation: that Showalter may want 63-year-old John Hart, former Rangers GM, to replace MacPhail when Andy bolts. -zk

cOnstructed with financial assistance
The Wayward Oriole reports, via his Grandma, that Ed Smith Stadium may be used to house SarsOta's homeless population. -zk

Former Oriole and car-jumper Joey Gathright left the Yuma Scorpions to play in Pawtucket. Oh, and the Yankees got whipped by the Sox last night. Gee, I bet the Bombers could use a day off. Too bad. -zk

Wieters sits with discomfort in quad | News
"He had a little, we think, it was a cramp, a little quad discomfort, after the last tour of the bases," Showalter said of Wieters. "We knew he wasn't going to catch today or tomorrow [afternoon], one of the two games. So we gave him an extra day. He came in today feeling pretty good, all things considered. So, we will err on the side of caution there." Bear Bryant would have had him doing wind sprints in the desert. Kids today, I swear.  -duck

Orioles Insider: Gonzalez has 'mixed reaction' to trade to Rangers
“It’s kind of a mixed reaction for me right now,” Gonzalez told reporters after cleaning out his locker in the Orioles clubhouse. “I’m excited. I’m going to go out there and I’m going to try to win a championship now, especially right now that I’m feeling good. That bad part is, obviously, I wanted to do more here in Baltimore. … I wish I would have been able to do better for the fans and things like that, but it is what it is.” You know, Mike, so do we. So do we. -duck

Phail-ure to launch: Orioles go nowhere | The Daily Times
"Should the MacPhail era end, I guess the question is, Was it successful?" Hmm. We're almost 30 games out of first place. I'm going with "No." -duck

Last-place Orioles remain stuck in familiar late-season rut - MLB - Baseball
"Developing young pitching is a process," Showalter says. "Old scouts used to tell you it would be three years before you really know what you have. "I went through this in Texas with C.J. Wilson, and in New York with Andy Pettitte, and I can go on and name you about 20 more names." Any of those 20 names available for next year's rotation? -duck

HG: Can't lay that off in time. A bet like that could break us.
DL: Not only are you an Open Thread, you're a gutless Open Thread as well.
HG: What are the odds?
EN: Four to one.
HG: Take it! Take all of it!