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Game 145: Orioles (58-86) @ Blue Jays (73-73), 1:07pm

Look, I ain't even gonna lie: with Ravens-Steelers starting at 1pm I have virtually no chance of watching this game, unless it's some freakishly long extra innings contest. If you want to watch Tommy Hunter face off against Dustin McGowan in this game then you're either a better O's fan than I am, or you're a Redskins fan or something. Don't worry, I forgive you.

The O's have to win this game to avoid losing every series to Toronto this year. Unlike last year, they were never swept this year, but they have up until now never won more than one game per series. That is a 6-11 record to date, the kind of thing that goes along with the 5-13 record they recently wrapped up with the Yankees. In all, the O's are 21-40 against the AL East. If they had a .500 record against the East (+10 wins, -10 losses for a 31-30) they'd ... still be eight games under .500. This season sucks.

Adam Loewen is in the starting lineup for the Blue Jays, batting 9th. I guess some people are mad at him or something, but I am not. If I was in a similar situation as presented itself with Loewen, I know what I'd choose.

McGowan hasn't made a start in the majors since July of 2008. He has had two shoulder surgeries in that time. That's a tough road. Bless him, but I hope he isn't good today.