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Red Sox 18, Orioles 9: No. More. Brian Matusz.



As bad as the Red Sox pitchers were tonight, the Orioles were twice as bad. Brian Matusz should not be allowed near a baseball game again this season, and the fact that they threw him out there tonight when everyone knew what would happen before the game even started seems horribly negligent. 

Matusz lasted just 1.2 innings before getting the hook, giving up six runs on six hits and two walks. He wasn't fooling anyone, that was clear from the get go. It was brutal to watch and it actually made me mad to see him out there when I knew, you knew, everyone knew what would happen. It's not right. 

The relief corps wasn't much better, as Chris Jakubauskas came in and immediately gave up five runs of his own. Jeremy Accardo gave up four, Clay Rapada one, and Brad Bergesen three. What a disgrace. 

The offense, for its part, did what it could. They jumped on John Lackey for eight runs in four and a third innings, but unlike the Orioles, the Red Sox bullpen was able to stop the bleeding. The O's got multiple hits from Matt Angle, Vladimir Guererro, Ryan Adams, Nick Markakis, and Chris Davis. They scored all nine of their runs without the benefit of a home run, and in fact had just two doubles and a triple. And one of those doubles turned into an out because Vlad is a baserunning moron who got himself thrown out at third to end the inning. 

Oh well. Another day, another loss. Tomorrow the Orioles will face their old friend Erik Bedard