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Camdencast Episode 12 - Playoff Predictions

Andrew and I wanted to do a last podcast to wrap up the regular season before it ends. It turns out we didn't do much wrapping up of the regular season, but there's a solid Orioles rant followed by our predictions of the playoffs (as they appear to be constituted right now). For good measure, there's a little discussion about how you pick a playoff team to root for when your team is bad, like ours, and not involved.

Part I, which can be found here:

0:00-11:30 – Mark on a rant about the Orioles' handling of Brian Matusz this season

11:30-21:00 – Breaking down and predicting the ALDS, rooting against Boston

Part II, which is right here:

0:00-3:00 – Breaking down and predicting the NLDS

3:00-6:00 – Breaking down the ALCS (based on our guesses) and predictions

6:00-11:00 – NLCS breakdown (based on our guesses) and predictions, sort of

11:00-23:15 – How do you pick a team to root for in the playoffs?

If you were subscribed on iTunes, you could have gotten automatic updates with no hassle. Or if you get your podcasts through other programs, there's always the XML link.

We will be back at random intervals through the playoffs and the offseason, hopefully with some interesting Orioles discussion to get you through the baseball-less doldrums. Thanks for listening and for all the feedback!