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Sunday Bird Droppings

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Baltimore Orioles end Verlander’s winning streak, beat Detroit Tigers 6-5 - The Washington Post
"There were 44,846 fans at Comerica Park on Saturday night, and almost all of them came to see Justin Verlander make history." Well, Matt Angle did win the game for the O's with his hitting, and that's probably never gonna happen again, so in a way, they did see history.

Detroit Tigers - MLB | Orioles put the squeeze on the Tigers | The Detroit News
After pinch-runner Kyle Hudson advanced from first to third on a wild pitch by Daniel Schlereth, the Orioles had a runner on third with one out, and Baltimore manager Buck Showalter called for the squeeze play. "Jimmy's (Leyland) done it to me a million times," Showalter said. "That's why he's one of the best managers in the game."

Orioles Insider: Ex-Orioles make playoffs (with lineups)
Rick Kranitz, John Shelby and Juan Samuel are all going to the playoffs as coaches. Now, why do those names sound familiar agin?

Orioles Insider: Buck Showalter on the Matusz decision
Brian Matusz will start today's game. Why, you ask? "It’d be a nice way to end the season for him. But thinking about what could be, we all know he’s capable of better. I just would like to see him get a return for all the hard work he’s putting in," Buck Showalter said. "I said many times, the way he’s attacked this, there’s not any ‘Woe is me.' It’s 'OK, what do I have to do to get better?' And hopefully, it’ll carry over. Unfortunately, the other team, Detroit, Boston, New York, these aren’t places to be experimenting with [things], so they will tell you real quickly how you are doing."

Orioles Insider: Tying a milestone -- and a big surprise
Vlad Guerrero is now tied for the most hits by a player born in the Dominican Republican with Julio Franco.

Orioles analysis: Buck Showalter's nuggets -
The Sun devises a reason for a 30-slide slideshow to sell some ad impressions. Click at your own risk.