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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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So, this is it. O's will end the season against Jon Lester. MacPhail regime reportedly will end soon. Lot of stuff coming down the pike, sports fans.

Orioles Insider: Will the Orioles finally beat Jon Lester? - Baltimore Orioles: Schedule, news, analysis and opinion on baseball at Camden Yards - Doesn't get too much more dramatic than this...okay, maybe it would if the O's actually had something to play for, but, y'know...

Steve Melewski: Britton reflects on his season and Jones on tonight's game
Even if the results weren't always the best, you've got to like what you see.

Orioles Leadership Notes: Showalter, MacPhail: MLB Rumors -
A wrap up of the day's GM scuttlebutt.

From Ellicott City to the Major Leagues - Ellicott City, MD Patch
Hey! The play by play guy of the Rays is a local. Another reason to like them for those so inclined.

John Gordon: Ready for a final touch |
And another tangential Orioles connection amongst the brotherhood of sports broadcasters.

Fan hopes crushed again as Orioles finish another losing season -
"Like many Orioles fans, Besore and his brother express their affection with gallows humor. "It's a tradition that at the end of the season, we wear the jerseys of guys who will excite us by not coming back," the Canton resident said." Sure enough, he was wearing Vlad's jersey. -duck

Robert Pattinson Pictures in LA With Orioles Cap There he goes again.

Birthday wishes to Mike DeJean and Todd Frohwirth.