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Game 141: Orioles (55-85) @ Yankees (87-53), 1:05pm

This game pretty much features double forfeit lineups. The problem for the Orioles is that their forfeit lineup features Nick Markakis as the DH and the Yankees forfeit lineup features Jesus Montero as the DH.

I guess if ever there was a time for double forfeit lineups, it's less than eleven hours after the end of a rain-delayed sham of a contest. A.J. Burnett adds to the forfeit atmosphere, because he sucks. Oh, but he's right handed, so let's throw left-handed hitters who probably shouldn't even be in MLB at him! That surely maximizes the chances of success.

Zach Britton does not suck, but the defense may make him look like he sucks. That would be unfortunate. There are a lot of unfortunate things about the game of baseball, and as Orioles fans it seems we are doomed to be on the wrong end of most of the ones that come our way. Once more unto the breach, dear friends!