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Thursday Bird Droppings

Will the sun ever shine again? I hope the Orioles and Yankees are looking forward to another soggy baseball game. Not a big day for O's news, it's almost as if people have stopped caring. ...What? - O's outlast Yankees in 11, 5-4
Look at that, the Orioles scraped out a win at Yankee Stadium! Major credit goes to the Orioles’ bullpen, which kept the Yankees off the board for their entire six innings of work. Kudos to you, Bergesenphillipseyregreggrapadastropjohnson.

Camden Depot: Brian Matusz has had a better season than Roy Halladay
If the season ended today, Brian Matusz' third year as a pro would in fact have resulted in a better stat line than Roy Halladay's third year as a pro.

O’s Minor League Leaderboard – August/September 2011
Tyler Townsend led O's minor leaguers in batting average, SLG, and OPS. All the other numbers in here.

Brian Matusz, Homers, And More Broken Dreams In Baltimore - Baseball Nation
Brian Matusz is having one of the roughest stretches with the long ball in the history of the game, and now finds himself kicked out of the rotation in Baltimore. 

Orioles Buzz: Daniel Moroz: Lumber numbers of struggling O's hurlers are surprisingly impressive
The Orioles have had a tough season in many respects. Many, many respects. But there is one area in which they've been not only the best team in baseball, but the best team in baseball by far. It's their pitchers - when they're hitters.

Jays’ Loewen returns to majors as outfielder  | The Toronto Observer
The Vancouver native hasn’t appeared in a major league game since 2008, when he started four times as a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, losing twice and posting an ERA of 8.02.