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Camdencast Episode 11 - New Directions

Andrew and I took a break from the gloomy weather in the Mid-Atlantic to record another podcast. With reports continuing to surface of pending front office upheaval, Andrew and I ponder what new direction we would like to see the Orioles take. We're in two parts once again, for a total of about 45 minutes. The second part is an interesting discussion (if I might say so myself) on the purpose and merits of WAR - Wins Above Replacement.

Part I, which can be found here:

0:00-10:30     Intro, front office upheaval: how do we know what went wrong with current regime?

10:30-15:30  Jim Johnson in the rotation: good idea or bad idea?

15:30-20:30  Are the O's trying to emulate Texas? More assorted rotation discussion

20:30-25:00  Why the Rays have a plan B but the O's don't


Part II, which is right here:


0:00-16:30    WAR: What's it good for?

16:30-20:30  Final thoughts: Frederick Keys in the playoffs; Zach Britton, finish strong!


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Thanks once more for all the support. We always appreciate any feedback. We'll be back again!