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New Year's Day Bird Droppings

Prince Fielder was in the Baltimore-Washington area, but not to meet with the Orioles… | HardballTalk
You know how Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo keeps trying to downplay his team's interest in Prince Fielder? How he keeps saying Adam LaRoche is going to be the team's first baseman next season? Yeah, this story isn't going to help his cause.(ED.NOTE: Not sure to whom to give credit for clipping this)

Orioles don’t appear to be in Prince Fielder sweepstakes - MLB - Sporting News
"According to The Baltimore Sun, Fielder and agent Scott Boras met with several major league owners during December, but Orioles’ managing partner Peter Angelos wasn’t one of them."

Steve Melewski: Dan Duquette: Between a rock and a (frustrated) fan base
"I don't completely relate, though, to the fans who seem to be clinging to seemingly extreme long shot hope that the Orioles will sign free agent Prince Fielder. I just don't see it happening and think the odds are not good at all." Just in case you thought Steve Melewski was losing his grip on reality.

A year in the life - Birds Watcher
"For the most part the Orioles were the Paul Sarbanes of the league in that they were somewhat forgotten." Any reference to the retired Maryland U.S. Senator from Salisbury is gonna get clipped by me.

Strains, Heartbreak, and RedmptiOn
The Wayward Oriole's always-wOrthy retrOspective of the Year That Was in BaltimOre. -zk

May you and yours have a wonderful 2012, and here's hoping the Mayans were really, really wrong.

Under a blood red sky

A crowd has gathered in black and white (ED. NOTE: and orange!)

Arms entwined, the chosen few

The newspapers says, says

Say it's true it's true...

And we can break through

Though torn in two

We can be one