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Camdencast Episode 14 - Forty Degree Days

With all credit to Stacey for recognizing this offseason for what it is, there's not a lot to say about forty, but Andrew and I have tried to have a podcast about it anyway, because it has been a while since we were here to share our Orioles and baseball chatter with you. We've run down the moves and the non-moves, sprinkled in some thoughts about the rotation, why recent Orioles teams have expensively failed, and other miscellaneous topics.

Hopefully, this will be the last podcast that has to be split into two parts, as I am trying anew to find some resolution with the SBN issues that have existed for a while. One thing that is new for today is that you can now listen to the podcast through this very post, without clicking on a separate tab:


Part 1 runs about 27 minutes. Maybe drug dealers don't have much to say about forty, but bloggers do.


Part 2 is about 26 minutes, and you can also listen to it here:

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Thanks for all the feedback so far. We hope you will keep listening and keep helping us improve. We'll be back again!