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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Announcement! Announcement! If you listened to EME and Andrew's latest podcast you already know this, but for those that haven't, don't miss your chance to see EME on stage this Saturday at FanFest. The blogger panel will be held at 5:25, so if you stick around to the end of the day you can see him along with other local bloggers and hear his brilliant thoughts on the 2012 baseball season.

Prospect Watch: Top 10 right-handed pitchers |'s Jonathan Mayo has named Dylan Bundy the fifth best RHP prospect in baseball.

Camden Depot: Is Reynolds Going Back to Third the Best Move?
After Andrew posted his opinion on Mark Reynolds at third base, Camden Depot chimes in with some thoughts.

Orioles have some interest in Francisco Cordero -
Why would the Orioles have interest in this? I don't know, although there is a tidbit about them eating salary to get rid of Kevin Gregg. Why would any other team want him? I don't know that either.

School of Roch: Peterson accepts position with Orioles (Johnson update)
Rick Peterson is officially the minor league pitching coordinator, and Jim Johnson gets a nice raise.