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Wednesday Bird Droppings

If you haven't read Eat More Esskay's piece on arbitration and the ensuing discussion, I'd recommend it. Other quick items of note: the O's signed Armando (the guy with the ump-botched perfecto) Galaragga to a minor league contract; Rick Peterson and Wei-Yin Chen are now officially in the organization. Joe Saunders is officially not.

Orioles: Roberts officially out of FanFest - Sigh...(Dan Duquette was not made available for comment),

Orioles' Chen expects big things in upcoming MLB season - The China Post Chen was officially unveiled yesterday. Although, the O's haven't really had a lot of international signings, how common is an overseas introduction and press conference?

Could Tampa Bay learn from Cal Ripken's stadium snub in Sarasota? | Again, sigh.

Camden Depot: Kyle Hudson's Draft Excluded Status Crawdaddy clears up any lingering Hudson confusion. Does anyone besides me care?

Since I started talking about Curt Flood and the reserve clause Monday, I'll mention that on this day in 1896, John Montgomery Ward successfully bucked the reserve clause and was awarded free agency after being shelved by the New York Giants for two years.

It's a big day for Orioles birthdays: Scottie McGregor, Brady Anderson, Brandon Fahey and Kevin McGehee were all born on this day (different years, natch).