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Camden Chat at Orioles FanFest

This Saturday from 11am-6pm is Baltimore Orioles FanFest at the Baltimore Convention Center. The event actually starts at 10am if you are a season ticket holder, as you can enter early for a season ticket holder-only Q&A with Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette. The complete schedule of events can be found here. Don't mind the upside-down part, I think that's so you can fold the paper you print in half or something.

Initially, I was planning to try to facilitate a site get-together, but I have since discovered that I get a press pass for the event. I'll be acting like a real journalist for the day, except with better eating habits and fewer polo shirts. Also, I have never been to FanFest before, so I couldn't say when is a good time or where is a good place to try to meet up and hang out. Don't let that stop the rest of you from planning to hang and get some lunch or whatever strikes your fancy. There are going to be a decent number of CCers roaming the premises.

Yours truly will be representing this site on the Bloggers fan forum from 5:25-5:55 alongside several other O's fan bloggers. I can't offer any guarantees that this will actually be interesting, but hopefully it will be. At any rate, by the time the blogger panel happens, most of the other parts of FanFest will be winding down, so maybe you can come listen.

Whether you're going to be at FanFest or not, be sure to follow me on Twitter - @EatMoreEsskay - as I will be planning to fire off tweets for anything especially noteworthy. I'm not planning to live-tweet each and every comment from every panel, but I will try to pass along funny anecdotes or interesting answers when I can. Also, I will be tweeting when players or coaches are meeting with media back stage and people can send me questions, which I may actually get the opportunity to ask.

Let people know if you are going to be there in the comments. Maybe I will see you there!