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Friday Bird Droppings

While the Warehouse is starting to look like Duquette's laboratory, the clubhouse is taking on a a bit of a model UN feel. Retreads are all the rage, but there's not an aging slugger in sight. FanFest and playoffs this weekend. Thank goodness it's Friday, folks.

Orioles vie for 2016 MLB All-Star game for Baltimore - Baltimore Business Journal Baltimore COULD use another All Star Game.

School of Roch: Orioles announce front office promotions and restructuring The official Front Office structure. Yes, John Stockstill has been promoted. -zk

School of Roch: Orioles reach agreement with Villarreal on minor league deal ...and I hope you're not tired of hearing from the quotable Brady Anderson.

Citizens group says it can't pay settlement - The Observer Group Fun in the sun in Sarasota!

Chance Of A Lifetime For Kiwi Baseball Star | More on the former softball star turned would be major leaguer.

Ryan Edell May Prove To Be a Solid Pickup for Orioles - Seedlings to Stars - Who?

Camden Depot: Cup o' jO's: Rick Peterson and the O's Arms A quick note on Peterson's guru rep.

Today is the day two of the more important African American figures in baseball history died: Josh Gibson in 1947 at the age of 35 and Curt Flood in 1997.

It's the birthday of Matt Albers.