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Monday Bird Droppings

What an action-packed weekend. Championships! Fan Fest! How do I top that? Puppies for all?

...or maybe just some clippings.

School of Roch: A bigger Berken could yield better results Say it with me, "Best shape of his life!"

THE 3-MINUTE INTERVIEW: John Maroon | Washington Examiner If you've been wondering what John Maroon's been up to since leaving the Orioles, today is your lucky day (bonus points for Bugs Bunny references, points docked for Adam Levine references).

Camden Depot: Cup of jO's: Pita Rona and Kim Sung-min A snippet on the latest international signings from the estimable crawdaddy.

Today is Sherman Obando's birthday. I'm told he's gonna party like it's his !%^$#^&&^* birthday.