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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Welcome to the Suck.
Welcome to the Suck.

Prince Fielder is now a Tiger and the world turns, the Francisco Cordero foolishness has ended and Koji speculation may resume.

...and six Oscar nominations for Moneyball? Take THAT, Joe Morgan!

Orioles: Signing Wilson Betemit further shows Orioles' commitment to improving on-base percentage - I don't know this to be true, but one can hope.

School of Roch: MASN releases its O's spring training schedule Baseball on the gusta.

Phil Rogers' power rankings: No. 22 Baltimore Orioles - Clipped for the novelty of the Orioles and the word power in close proximity.

Offseason Notes for January 24th | FanGraphs Baseball Note their SCOUT leaderboard for the Australian Winter League. Brenden Webb!

Report: Prized outfield prospect Yoenis Cespedes gains Dominican Republic residency | The Detroit News | It's ON!

It's the birthday of Wally Bunker and Richie Lewis.