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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Before we get to baseball, congratulations to Knubles and Bits for winning the whole enchilada in CC Pick 'Em. His 14 correct picks in week 17 catapulted him to victory, just one point ahead of Astronaut Mike Dexter. It was a great season, thanks to everyone who played!

Now, baseball. Late last night rumblings began that Coco Crisp might be on the verge of signing with the Orioles. It started with rabblerouser Jon Heyman. Roch then addressed the rumor by saying a whole lot about nothing. Steve Melewski jumped in to the discussion on the Twitter, and Scott Swaim of @MLBInsideNews (whoever that is) is again saying that Adam Jones might be on his way to Atlanta. And to top it all off, Coco Crisp is also having a little bit of fun, making his profile picture on Twitter a picture of an adorable kid (possibly Coco himself) in an Orioles uniform. Although to be fair, last night was the first night I ever looked at Crisp's Twitter, maybe that's always been his picture.

If the rumors are true, you have to think Adam Jones is being traded. Heyman suggests the possibility that Jones could move to left field, but it seems unlikely to me. If he does, though, that'd allow Nolan Reimold to fill the DH position which is also a need for the Orioles. Exciting stuff, stay tuned!

In other Orioles news...

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Seems worth mentioning that Brady Anderson now has a website.

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The series continues...

Birds O' Pray: Please, Don't Get Crisp With Me
This guy is very anti-Crisp. I think you have to see the whole picture before you can make that decision, personally.

strains, heartbreak, and redemptiOn | The Wayward Oriole
Wayward's great year in review. It was posted in the comments but I wanted to get it on the front page. My apologies for it taking so long. Duck passed it along to me but then I went out of town. A good read.

Next week’s Cooperstown election results today | Hardball Times
Chris Jaffe predicts the Hall of Fame results, which of course include on the ballot former Orioles Javy Lopez and Rafael Palmeiro (spoiler: he doesn't think either makes it)